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Old computers may seem obsolete to many people. And since computers (and computing) change so rapidly anyone who owns a computer will soon end up with an "old" computer. So what should we do? It's now old, so we'll toss it in the trash? This is a prevalent solution for many who don't appreciate value in the history of modern personal computers and simply want to move on to what is "new" and "current". But is a computer that is "old" simply a piece of trash? What value is there in an "old computer"?

Welcome! And thank you for visiting my Old Computers web page. If you're here you're probably interested in old computers just as I am. But let me admit right now that my interest in old computers does not match my personal experience in the computer industry. I am not a computer geek with wicked skills in programming, or assembling and repairing ancient electronics. I am not a member of the old guard in the IT tradition like so many others I have come across in my hobby.

While I was around when the modern PC revolution began I was not able to participate in my youth. Instead, I later came to be a moderate power user as a member of the small business community. For me computers have not only been a hobby but a useful tool in furthering my career in  the Hearth Industry (Stoves, Fireplaces, Chimneys, Barbecue, etc.). What I have learned about computers has come mostly out of wanting to make better use of these machines to help organize and grow our business. Along my journey I have been able to help others get better acquainted with their own computers whether they were using them for business or entertainment. I have a familiarity with tweaking hardware for gaming and performance but my main skill is in putting computers to use in the small or home office.

I started this site so I could share my collection of Old Computers with like minded hobbyists around the world. It has come to my attention that Vintage and Retro computing is now popular among my own generation and even of interest to some in our younger generations. I have been inspired by others who have come before me and presented their own collections and shared their own unique impressions of these interesting machines. I hope I can contribute in a positive way to the continued edification of all who come behind us in the years to come. It seems certain that most of what we have used as computers over the last 30 to 40 years will soon be relegated to the museums of future generations. I'm happy to be a small part of the history of these machines in my own community and hope I can help keep the records alive long enough to be imprinted in the cloud in some fashion. Maybe some kids from the next generations will find all this stuff interesting just like I did when I was a kid.

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