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The following is a menu of pages that have some pictures of my collection and my lab.

My Computer Lab and Home Office
Take a look around my work area and some of my old computers in the lab and in storage.

Home & Hobby Computers
Early in popular computing some manufacturers positioned their machines as "Home Computers". But this was a distinction made by the manufacturers, not necessarily the user.
Some of what were considered home or hobby computers had as much, or more, capability as computers made for business. Mostly 8-bit systems here.

Pre-Pentium PC's
Pictures of my Pre-Pentium PC's, all from the 16-bit era. (8-bit systems are not included here).
8088, 80286, 80386, and 80486 systems.

Pentium(1) to Pentium-4
The Pentium (first generation, not originally called the "Pentium 1"), Pentium MMX (a later Pentium 1), P-II, P-III, and Pentium-4 systems.

My Apple Collection
I mostly have IBM/DOS/WinTel computers but I have picked up a few Apple computers over the years. Here's some pictures of my Apples and compatibles.

Not-so-Old Computers
Some computers that I use daily are considered "old" by today's standards. But most of these are still capable systems even after they have been abandoned by their original users.
Core2Duo, Pentium Dual Core, and early iCore systems. Usually capable of running the current Windows and Linux operating systems.

More to come

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Home Blog Videos/Pictures Collection Lists Links